Brand consistency the cornerstone of every successful brand we know today.

It’s common knowledge that customers buy from brands they know and trust over anything else. I mean, you wouldn’t buy a smartphone from anyone but Apple, Samsung, or LG, right?

There’s a reason for this: we know and understand their values, beliefs, and mission. We know this because every experience we have makes us feel the same way.

When I have my Apple product, I feel creative and up to date. When I’m at Starbucks, I feel it’s my third home – whether in-store or on-app.
Successful branding is based on trust and credibility. And brand consistency across all your messaging platforms is the only way to build this type of trust. Here’s why brand consistency is the best way to attain new customers and retain loyal ones.

Consistency Creates Empathy Between You and Customers

Emotion is at the heart of every purchasing decision. Empathy is your key to unlocking it. To create empathy, you need to  communicate your brand’s purpose consistently across all your messaging – both internally and externally!

This will create meaningful connections with users and help them remember who you are and what you stand for.

Being “On Brand” Builds Brand Awareness and Trust

What have people come to expect from your brand? Do they know what you stand for? Or get your personality?

If your answer is “I don’t know” or “No”, you might not be delivering a consistent message. customers need to what they’ll get from you right off the bat – whether that task is emotional fulfillment or fundamental purpose.

If you can’t communicate it, they’ll look to another brand who they know can.

Staying “on brand” throughout your channels builds awareness with prospects and customers. This consistency builds trust, and customers buy from brands they trust.

Makes Memorable Experience For Customers Each Interaction

Each memorable experience a customer has with your brand strengthens the bond between you two.
In fact, John Mellow, Vice President of Strategy, Alliances, and Marketing for Adobe states: “Experience is about the emotions we have when we interact with brands… We know that if those experiences are rewarding, that our customers will have an even greater connection with our brand”

A good brand will make customers feel something positive once in a while. A great brand will make them feel a certain way every interaction, every time.

To do this, everything from tone to color pallette, fonts, and even the time you post on social needs to stay constant and regular. It’s the only way to deliver a positive experience no matter where customers interact with your brand.

A Successful Brand is a Consistent Brand

When customers are aware of a brand and it’s values, the door opens to building personal connections with them. By delivering a consistent and regular message across all your platforms, you’ll improve buyer confidence and extend the lifetime value of your customer base.

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