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The Ultimate Guide to Rebranding Your Business


Maybe the time has come for you to rebrand your business. But how do you get started? Do you change your logo and then worry about the rest? Rebranding can turn a brand into a magnet for new audiences, revitalize it, and give it a fresh and exciting new identity. But there is a catch. […]

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6 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Rebranding a Small Business

improve brand recall

Successfully rebranding a small business is no mean feat – there are many aspects to consider and pitfalls to avoid. Still, creating a brand identity which resonates better with your audience is a monumental boon to business operation, which makes all the effort worth it. While rebranding a small business certainly is a challenging task, […]

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6 Critical Signs That It’s Time to Rebrand Your Business

choosing a brand name

Perhaps engagement levels have dropped across channels. Or maybe it’s just the look of your brand that has become a bit faded. Whatever the reasons, you may have been quietly harboring the idea of rebranding your business for quite some time now. So, should you rebrand? Paying attention to a few critical signs can help […]

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5 Ways to Reduce the Costs of Rebranding

rebranding agency

There are many reasons to rebrand your company. Perhaps your brand is outdated or doesn’t stand out from the competition. Or maybe the business has grown to the extent that you need a new corporate identity to realize its full potential. Either way, you shouldn’t think about rebranding as an expense, but rather as an […]

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4 Positive Effects of a Successful Rebrand

rebranding your business

All successful rebranding campaigns, whether they are a complete retooling of your corporate identity or a smaller brand refresh, will improve the way your audience perceives your business. But how do you determine whether you’ve succeeded in developing a brand identity which rates higher in the eyes of your potential customers? Looking at your website […]

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4 Best Reasons to Work with a Rebranding Agency in 2020


A rebranding can be a pivotal moment for a company. If done right, it can help a struggling company turn its fortune around, or it can propel a growing business to even greater heights. It is a complex and delicate task, and you can approach it in several different ways. You can choose to rely […]

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6 Tips for Creating a Better Brand Marketing Strategy in 2020

brand message strategy

If your sales figures start to fall behind the curve, you’ll likely wonder how to rebrand your business and create a brand marketing strategy that will produce better results. When brands focus too heavily on themselves and fail to take into account what their audience wants, the result is obvious – they no longer fit […]

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7 Things You Shouldn’t Leave Out of Your Corporate Branding Guidelines

empathetic brand messaging

Corporate identity and branding go hand-in-hand. Corporate identity focuses more on the look and feel of your company while branding helps your company establish an emotional relationship with customers. They are the pillars of successful business operation and help your company get noticed and recognized. Inconsistency in branding can diminish brand recognition and hurt customer […]

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A Quick Guide to Choosing the Right Rebranding Agency

empathy-driven brand strategy

There comes a time in the life of every business when making a change is not only a need but also a must. Whether you want to breathe new life into your brand with a few visual touch-ups, or need more comprehensive changes, one thing is certain – you need it done right. Are you […]

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Discover the Best Rebranding Campaigns of 2018


If you’re planning a rebrand, a quick look at some of the best companies that have rebranded themselves in 2018 can refresh your perspective and inspire you. Uber’s rebrand may have already caught your eye, but what about the other great rebrands of 2018? A common thread runs through most of the successful rebranding campaigns […]

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How to Refresh Your Logo


Why rebrand a logo if it doesn’t look bad? Even big brands like Coca-Cola or Apple refresh their iconic logos now and then, so why shouldn’t you? For many companies, updating the logo is part of a natural cycle that aligns their vision with audience expectations. A logo refresh is often essential for a successful […]

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How to Rebrand Yourself on Social Media in 2020

empathy rebranding

Rebranding on social media means more than changing your logo and fan page description. It’s a process that takes time and that may challenge your creativity. To put it another way, social media users are bombarded with information every day – for your rebrand to attract attention, you need to make it special. Did you […]

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What Is Emotional Branding and How It Can Bring Customers Closer to Your Business?

rebranding campaign service

Why do consumers choose one brand over another? You could argue that one brand is objectively better. But what if the two brands in question both offer high-quality, highly-rated products and enjoy a good reputation? Do customers compare all the facts and specifications and mathematically determine which product to buy? Not quite. According to neuroscience, […]

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Case Study Highlights

brand name

Uber has made such a massive cultural impact in a relatively short period of time, that it doesn’t need much of an introduction. Founded in 2009, it is the default ride-hailing service. It’s been so significant for the so-called “sharing economy” that it’s common to see services described as “Uber but for something else.”


Founded in 2008, Airbnb is a company which has revolutionized the lodging industry and created a global phenomenon. It is also a majorly disruptive force – the hotel industry is certainly no fan of it, and governments around the world have had various responses to Airbnb’s short-term rental model. Still, the company has transformed the traveling experience for millions, and for many, it has become a way of life.


The first time the world saw the name Dunkin’ Donuts was in 1950. The original shop opened in Quincy, Massachusetts, and it did not take long for the public to fall in love with the donuts and coffee it offered. Consequently, it only took five years for it to grow into a franchise.



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