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Brand localization service adapts your brand message to a new audience. More than translating your message, it recreates it in a new context. It considers cultural nuances and variations. When you want to make sure nothing gets lost in translation, brand localization is what you need to make sure your brand keeps on growing.

Localizing your brand often requires a sustained effort. In addition to translating your website, you may have to adapt your marketing strategy and integrate new strategies and channels into it. Localization allows you to rethink your content and optimize it to maximize results.

Why You Need Localization

People prefer to interact with brands who speak their language. These brands feel familiar and come across as more transparent. This, in turn, helps them build trust. Localization then is not just a marketing tactic but a bridge between you and your audience.

Whether your brand is changing course or merely expanding, localization is a way for you to show your customers that you care about them. When you localize your brand, your customers are more likely to listen to what you have to say and share your content more. Your conversion rates may increase too.

The Power of Empathy in Brand Localization

Empathy is at the core of brand localization. A successful localization generates a positive emotional reaction from your audience. It conveys the intended meaning without carrying negative connotations. At the same time, it helps differentiate your brand from competitors.

When your brand starts growing and expanding to new markets, you need brand localization. Most brands that use localization effectively boost their sales. They forge a stronger brand identity and improve brand recall. Ultimately, localization is the process of taking your brand out of the office and bringing it into people’s homes where it can make a positive difference.

Localize Your Brand Now

At Brandsonify, we use an empathetic approach to brand localization. We start with your brand’s core values and develop a clear understanding of your audience. This enables us to focus our localization on what matters the most to your customers. The result is emotionally engaging content and a brand identity that connects with people.

Integrating brand localization into your overall brand strategy helps keep it consistent with your marketing goals. Unifying localization and branding is the key to sending a strong message across channels. We are here to help you achieve that. Get started now.



Whether you plan to refresh your logo or create a new brand identity for your company,getting started is the hardest part.
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Get a more accurate, up-to-date snapshot of your current brand identity. You will also have a clear understanding of what you need to refresh or change about your brand identity to turn the vision into a reality.

The Art of Empathy

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Case Study Highlights

brand name

Uber has made such a massive cultural impact in a relatively short period of time, that it doesn’t need much of an introduction. Founded in 2009, it is the default ride-hailing service. It’s been so significant for the so-called “sharing economy” that it’s common to see services described as “Uber but for something else.”


Founded in 2008, Airbnb is a company which has revolutionized the lodging industry and created a global phenomenon. It is also a majorly disruptive force – the hotel industry is certainly no fan of it, and governments around the world have had various responses to Airbnb’s short-term rental model. Still, the company has transformed the traveling experience for millions, and for many, it has become a way of life.


The first time the world saw the name Dunkin’ Donuts was in 1950. The original shop opened in Quincy, Massachusetts, and it did not take long for the public to fall in love with the donuts and coffee it offered. Consequently, it only took five years for it to grow into a franchise.

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