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You don’t want your brand message to be a message-in-a-bottle. You don’t want to throw it out there into the noisy sea of content marketing and hope someone somewhere will pick it up. Your brand can do better with brand messaging services.

Your brand message should connect your brand with your audience. It should turn strangers into visitors, visitors into followers, and followers into customers. It should be consistent across channels and combine visual content and audio to send a stronger and clearer message.

Find Your Authentic Voice

When you are creating your brand message, it’s crucial to pay attention to those on the other side of the conversation – your audience. Empathy-driven marketing is a solution to connecting with people. It instantly engages people because it addresses them in their language and speaks about their problems and their pain points.

At Brandsonify, we use our rich branding and marketing experience to help your brand find an authentic voice. Drawing on your brand’s core strengths, we craft resonant messages that strike a chord with your audience. At the same time, we ensure your brand messaging is cohesive across channels. Studies show that consistent branding increases revenues by up to 23%.

Connect with People on a Deeper Level

Our unified approach to brand messaging ensures that you use all the brand messaging services tools at your disposal. From taglines and website content to your brand story and social media marketing, we unify all elements that make up your brand voice into an empathetic narrative. We can help you find the right channels and optimize your brand messaging for each of them.

There’s one key to making your brand messaging powerful – having a solid understanding of your audience and their needs. This means accepting the fact that different audiences have different expectations, and that one message cannot please them all. We can help you develop multiple messages for multiple audiences while ensuring that you stay true to your core brand identity.

Why Brand Messaging Is So Important

Brand messaging plays a key role in how people perceive your brand. It shapes your online image, sets the direction for your marketing, and defines your online voice. Get your brand messaging right, and your brand will make its way into people’s homes and create positive associations. It will become a lifestyle choice for many people.

Make sure your brand messaging connects with people and reflects the best that your brand has to offer. Don’t tell people what you think they want to hear. Tell them what they need to hear. Get your brand messaging right.



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Get a more accurate, up-to-date snapshot of your current brand identity. You will also have a clear understanding of what you need to refresh or change about your brand identity to turn the vision into a reality.

The Art of Empathy

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Case Study Highlights

brand name

Uber has made such a massive cultural impact in a relatively short period of time, that it doesn’t need much of an introduction. Founded in 2009, it is the default ride-hailing service. It’s been so significant for the so-called “sharing economy” that it’s common to see services described as “Uber but for something else.”


Founded in 2008, Airbnb is a company which has revolutionized the lodging industry and created a global phenomenon. It is also a majorly disruptive force – the hotel industry is certainly no fan of it, and governments around the world have had various responses to Airbnb’s short-term rental model. Still, the company has transformed the traveling experience for millions, and for many, it has become a way of life.


The first time the world saw the name Dunkin’ Donuts was in 1950. The original shop opened in Quincy, Massachusetts, and it did not take long for the public to fall in love with the donuts and coffee it offered. Consequently, it only took five years for it to grow into a franchise.

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