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There are over a million brands in the world now, and that’s only a conservative estimate. How can you make sure your brand name sticks?

Before you can think about logo design, copywriting, or empathy marketing, you must get the name right. A memorable brand name is the first step to building a powerful brand identity and a strong online presence.

Your Brand Name Is Crucial to Your Success

The right brand name improves brand recall and market exposure. It reduces your long-term marketing costs because it sticks and gets shared more often. And because it looks right and sounds right, it helps to build a more forceful and more compelling image for your brand.

At Brandsonify, we believe that empathy is the key to choosing the right brand name. Let’s face it – most brand names pass through people’s minds like water through a sieve. People forget about them as soon as they hear them. What you brand needs is a name that encapsulates everything your brand stands for and evokes a powerful feeling. Great brand names are playful, short, and capture the spirit of a brand in just one word. Apple, Uber, or Airbnb prove this point.

What Makes a Brand Name Great?

A great brand name is memorable. It has a contextual meaning and makes it easy for people to relate to it. Often, it also sounds beautiful – people enjoy pronouncing it. This makes it more likely to be repeated and shared.

But the typography or letter-form of the name is just as important. Your brand name will be used across the web and in social media handles. It will be displayed on computer screens, mobile devices, and smart TVs. It will be viewed at different resolutions. To look great and be visually memorable, it has to be optimized for use on the web.

Get Your Brand Name Right

Finding the name for your brand isn’t just a matter of inspiration or creativity. It’s a process that’s deeply rooted in your brand identity. And it owes a lot to how well you understand your audience. Today, when your logo may appear in a variety of mediums, including websites, social media, apps, and print, having a business name that can be easily recognized even when it’s scaled down is crucial.

Joining forces with a team of branding experts allows you to tap into their creativity and generate more brand name ideas. At the same time, it adds objectivity to the process, enabling you to see things from a different perspective.

Turn your brand name into your most valuable asset. Let’s find together a business name that sells your vision.



Whether you plan to refresh your logo or create a new brand identity for your company,getting started is the hardest part.
So, where do you start?


Get a more accurate, up-to-date snapshot of your current brand identity. You will also have a clear understanding of what you need to refresh or change about your brand identity to turn the vision into a reality.

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Case Study Highlights

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Uber has made such a massive cultural impact in a relatively short period of time, that it doesn’t need much of an introduction. Founded in 2009, it is the default ride-hailing service. It’s been so significant for the so-called “sharing economy” that it’s common to see services described as “Uber but for something else.”


Founded in 2008, Airbnb is a company which has revolutionized the lodging industry and created a global phenomenon. It is also a majorly disruptive force – the hotel industry is certainly no fan of it, and governments around the world have had various responses to Airbnb’s short-term rental model. Still, the company has transformed the traveling experience for millions, and for many, it has become a way of life.


The first time the world saw the name Dunkin’ Donuts was in 1950. The original shop opened in Quincy, Massachusetts, and it did not take long for the public to fall in love with the donuts and coffee it offered. Consequently, it only took five years for it to grow into a franchise.

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